Friday, January 31, 2014


[NOTE: “No spoilers!” ( You can trust it when a big fan says it…;) ]
Tonight’s the night. And it's going to happen, again and again!”
The pilot starts off with a slight plot description & when I hear the above mentioned words for the first time…I knew back then only (5 years back) that I was totally hooked but little did I know ,”to this very extent”. Never thought that  after watching an episode from a T.V. Series (most likely the finale)&I would ever go to a state of profound cogitation. This show changed that particular thinking of mine, plenty of times. One word for this show : "Smart".
The year was 2009 I guess , when I first started watching the season 1 of DEXTER which had it’s pilot aired in 2006. Everybody has his/her fav. TV – Series. I have many but DEXTER  is certainly a much worthy contender for the top spot. Frankly speaking, the character holds a special place. Over the years I have followed this show  religiously. Yep , you heard that right . I have watched it carefully & religiously. “No food or disturbance when Nikhil’s  watching Dexter” my roommate would remark. I have watched plenty of shows & like I said choosing the best is certainly not possible but Dexter , as a character has been ,is & will be my favorite character.
Dexter :  People fake a lot of human interactions, but I feel like I fake them all, and I fake them very well. That's my burden, I guess.”
The plot – Dexter Morgan (Michael .C.Hall), a forensics technician(blood spatter analyst) for the MIAMI METRO is a serial Killer who only kills a certain kind of people …like the one’s who have escaped justice .Dexter believes the world is better off without such ,who are a disgrace to the society & a threat to the one’s who compose one. Debra Morgan(Jennifer Carpenter) is Dexter’s Sister who also happens to be a Detective working for the MIAMI METRO. Dexter’s Dad , Harry Morgan plays an important character as well. Actually the complete cast is just too good.
How Dexter manages his social awkwardness , maintains the balance between his lives, how he plans a kill, how he executes one & how he evolves as a human being is definitely a treat to watch. My one of the favorite things about this show is the narration. What he(Dexter) thinks is played out loud. It’s like you can hear his thoughts. The voiceover as we call it . You as a viewer eventually start viewing things the way he perceives. It amazes you & at the same time thrills you. Sometimes you feel sorry for the guy & the next moment you feel ..nope..chuck it ..the guy can take care of himself real good. The dialogues are dark .. sarcastic …sometimes witty(best termed as dark humor )..most of the times thought provoking….at times heartwarming too.
One more highlight feature about this T.V. Show is , the quality graph increases & just keeps getting with every new season. One season finale you think “No other season can beat this one” & the next season you are totally blown away. No kidding!
In short , Dexter ‘s every single episode is simply 60 minutes of top notch & well directed i.e. “crafted to perfection” material that sets high standards for T.V. viewership. It is bound to leave you with many quotable moments. So would  conclude with one that I recently heard & still remember.
Dexter: [voiceover] –" I've lived in darkness a long time. Over the years, my eyes adjusted until the dark became my world and I could see .Then someone came & turned on the lights. Now I’m blind”
P.S. – Missing Dexter is like missing out on one of the best T.V. Shows in Television history.      Highly Recommended!
P.P.S – Do watch out for the opening credits. The theme is just too good.
As smart as the series is, its opening sequence is its own mini-masterpiece, and, after all 8 seasons, still one of the best on TV. After all these years , I never skipped a single one throughout.
 Total Seasons : 8. And 12 episodes per season.  

Friday, January 24, 2014

Were you always like this?

“Were you always like this Nikhil or all this is a recent change?”
And my reply to this was…. (Wait for it…will tell you later in this post)
A couple of days back, to be exact it was yesterday that I was having a conversation or more like a discussion (a serious one this time :p) with one of my dear friends. She was all addled and said “I am sick of  this coding stuff & I am in a dilemma ..and very much confused with what to do next “
And frankly speaking most of us are( & that includes me as well). We all at some point or the other in life tend to think about “What’s next in store for me?”. And that’s ok. Not everyone enjoys what they are currently doing with their life. After a while of doing something new you ought to get this feeling eventually. If you love what you are doing then you are truly a lucky person, mate & keep doing it with the same zest & zeal.
“Were you always like this Nikhil or all this is a recent change?”
I replied “ I have always been like this ….I maybe self boasting…but what do you think gal…always or recent??”
To this she says “ How will I know re..I mean always being positive & enthusiastic ..dreaming the same dreams..wanting the same thing …with some it dies over the years ….and for some exceptional cases it’s always the same”
At that moment I thought being an extrovert has it’s  own advantages too ;) It can lead people to think awesome things like this about you. :p. But yeah jokes apart.. I felt really happy when she said that .That she thinks I am a person with the qualities of an optimist. But it is not cent % true. I do kinda act  naive at many situations.  At times life can really piss you off & all you wanna do is stand on the highest possible point around (accessible to you :p) & scream your heart out “F@#$ all this sh*@ & screw you life”. But yeah that is just a passing thing & sooner or later that phase just fades away.
Dreams do change & that is not a wrong thing. But make sure the dream that you have been dreaming for a long, long time now at least met at some crossroads in your life.  Make sure to live it for at least a day or even for some moments  & then moving on is all okay! Dreams do change but believe me you.. it better change after you achieve at least a part of it, is what I would say.
I sure doesn’t say achieving 100 % of your dream is not possible, for some it is & for some they just move on eventually forgetting about it. So this is for the other folks “Dream on….. At least try achieving a part of it….move on & then again Dream on you dreamer!”
And my friend, who’s actually the source for this post…her what’s app status reads “ Someday all your dreams & all your nightmares will be a reality…be prepared to embrace both of ‘em with the right attitude” ;)
This post is truly dedicated to people like us who wish to Dream On…On …and On! J
P.S. – And specially to the person who made me think about this & this post is what resulted when I pondered the question of what exactly the future has instore for us?….Don’t you worry gal…Eventually you will come to a decision which will change your life for good. Kudos to dreams…Hold on to ‘em ….you ought to achieve ‘em….Kudos to life!!!
P.P.S - Lines from the movie , The Pursuit of Happyness: “If you have a dream , go for it! Period”

Monday, January 13, 2014

It's been a long time.....

It’s been a long time since I wrote something
Since we’ve  talked
Since we saw each other
Since I have felt my existence
Since I have rested  but I am not tired
It’s been a long time but I am content with something inside
It’s been a long time but still the time just flew by
It’s been a long , long time coming
It’s been a long time but I did realize
Deserted maybe my soul
It’s  been long  because it’s been a long travel.