Thursday, December 19, 2013

Traveller : Haiku # 2

                                                                    Left another place
                                                       quite blurry when I look back
                                                                 Tear’s  thicker I guess

Friday, December 13, 2013

Liebster III , IV & V . :D :D :D

Readers …I feel you & I feel for you too. I know for sure that you are terribly bored of reading the post where I am showing my excitement after winning another award & go on with the rules,trivias,yippity yappity stuff..blah ..blah..& blah. I thought I wouldn’t post a yet another thank you post acknowledging the award but then again I realized eventually that I owe it to the awesome fellow bloggers who nominated me on the first place,who consider me worth the appreciation & might be expecting at least a post. So for them , I am actually ok to be considered as a bore for a while but trust me readers , I will make it up to you soon & in sometime soon will post some worthwhile kick-ass reading material. (Even this one is, if you can bear with me for some minutes :p)

Liebster III – Now if I say , I got nominated for a liebster by a national bestselling author , would you believe me. Nope you woudn’t ,’coz I am just a rookie , a newbie.Even I can’t believe it myself. But trust me when I say , yep I did get a nomination from such a great , supportive , awesome fellow blogger who happens to be the writer of the national bestseller “The other side of the bed”. He is none other than Bhavya Kaushik. And do checkout his wonderful space”Walking barefoot on broken glass” here . Thanks Bhavya for the award & the continuous support & suggestions you gave to make my blog better.This person has always answered to every single query that I have chipped in , nomatter how busy he is ..he surely get backs to you. You are humble & a great human being. Keep rocking.
Answers to Bhavya’s Q’s
1.     Why did you start blogging?
      Sometimes I have this urge to write .Needed a channel to jot down my thoughts & make it a worthwhile read for others.
2.      How did you choose the title of your blog and how is it relevant to what you write?
      I came across this word when I was going through an article & I kinda liked the sound of it. Couple of years later when I decide to start a blog , don’t know why but this seemed to be an apt title ‘coz I am a total movie freak. I love books..more like a bibliophile who has a good reading habit(I try :p). Travelling has always fascinated me..have led a trekking group more than once now & I kinda feel I am good at the travelling thing. I like trying new delicacies. So there were so many things & “Aficionado” seemed an apt title for the blog.
3.     If you could travel anywhere in this world, where would you go?
      Now this has to be the toughest one. Because I want to see the world atleast 80% before my last breath. For the time being I would settle with let say , Buenos Aires ,Argentina. Just have a lot of good reviews from my peer group.
4.      What is your favourite book and why?
      Haven’t read many yet ..but so far City of thieves by David Benioff which I read recently comes to my mind. His writing style is quite impressive & I am a fan of this author who happens to be the writer of “Game of Thrones” , Stay ,Troy , 25th hour. All the work that I have enjoyed a lot.
5.      Who is your biggest inspiration?
      A Traveller. Eventually he/she tends to be at peace with anything to everything in life. I Like that. A specific inspirational figure :I would have to say “Sachin Tendulkar”. He is calm, composed, determined,ethical & specially down to earth after being such a famous/known person in India & across the world.
6.      If you were writing an autobiography, what would the title be?
     The title would say something like “ Hey you! Nikhil here”
7.     Do you have any short term/ long term goals that you’re working towards?
     Short term…hmm…to be good at whatever that I am doing right now,make my loved ones happy & to be a lil.responsible :p Long term  - Want to write a lot. Travel a lot . Live life “ a lot”. J
8.     If you could pick one character from a book to be your best friend, who would you pick and why?
          It certainly would be the genie(Jinn) from The Arabian Nights. I used to admire his loyalty &    friendship towards Alladin.
9.     How long have you been blogging? What was the experience like?
      It’s almost 3 months. And the experience has been “Legend” …wait for it …”dary”.. Legendary , awesome & great. My blog is 3 months old & so far I have won 5 Liebsters & 3 Versatile Blog Awards.:)
10.  What is one of your fondest childhood memories?
      I used to purchase a lot of gums,wafers & stuffs just for the free stuff that you get as an offer or   something. The happiness when I get my hands on ‘em..ahh.. .Simply amazing!
                                         Thanks again , Bhavya. It means a lot ! :D
Liebster IV -  They say three’s the charm but fourth is a lot better. I got nominated by a true fanatic Divya , the blogger of “Fanatic’s Farce”. She has a lovely blog & is a Big boss fan as well. Her writing according to me is elegant & simple yet so powerful. Do checkout her blog to know more.
Answers to Divya –
1)       What is your favourite place and why?
Dehradun , ‘coz I did my engineering there & have so many awesome memories attached to that place plus it is indeed the best place to settle down once you grow old. As in a tourist destination , would love to go to England sometime.
2)       What would be that one wild thing you intend to do in your lifetime?
Hmmm…that’s “actually” tough to answer. I intend to do a lot of wild things(remaining from the list :p) in my complete lifetime. I am not sure whether it counts as a wild thing but I  always wanted to have a tiger or a jungle animal as a pet. I am not sure it’s allowed here but I would love to. Or would like to cover all the countries in this world before my last breath. ;) Now one of’em atleast is a wild thing.:p
3)       How do you define serenity? Illustrate with examples.
According to me ,Serenity is when you feel content & happy. I peace even if it’s for a moment. I feel like that when I am visiting some place that I have always wanted to check out , getting my hands on a book that I always wanted to have , listening to a song that I feel like putting on repeat ,watching my all time fav.movies on a holiday afternoon after brunch & offcourse some quality time with my family.  
4)       If you were to ask only one question to an alien, what would that be?
Are you guys actually that brilliant & intelligent or it’s just the movies that creates the hype ? :p
5)       Light shades or dark colours? Reasons?
Dark colors. ‘coz I think it looks awesome.
6)       What is your dream job?
Not one. Would like to juggle between a part time traveler ,Writer ,movie critic ,software guy i.e. A full time Aficionado. I don’t think they have jobs for people like me. 
7)       Describe your favourite birthday experience.
Every b’day has something special but one that stands out is when I surprised my mom , by knocking on my home door an hr before my b’day, when I was actually suppose to be miles away from home.
8)       Given a chance, what will you change about the planet earth?
Would love to change it’s revolution in such a way that Nights become longer than Days :p
9)       What do you do when you have absolutely free time?
Hmm…I watch movies.
10)   What is it that you don’t like in someone?
Not living their life to the fullest. Life is definitely worth being lively.
Liebster V – Five is my lucky number by the way. I have always lived with this thought. It’s either 14 or 5. So , yaa…my fifth nomination came from the lovely journalist Parvathy from “Speak Out”.I like her writing style which expresses rich & subtle meanings so easily. I love reading the real time experiences that she shares so wonderfully.If you don’t believe me just check out “Speak Out” to see what I am talking about.:)
Answering the questions asked by Parvathy –
1.      What is more important -- being competitive, or being compassionate?
Being compassionate.
2.      Why did you start blogging?
To fulfill my urge to write.
3.       How does blogging help you?
Helps me satisfy the urge as mentioned in the previous answer. I feel content.
4.      If you could change something about you, what would it be?
Naah …nothing I am just perfect :p
5.      Who is person you think about when you close your eyes?
It depends on the moment when /where/why I am closing my eyes.
6.      What is your favourite dish?
Steaks in any form is my fav. dish.
7.      Which is your favourite sitcom?
Friends/The Big bang theory.
8.      Which book are you reading now?
The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon
9.      What are your hobbies?
I am a movie freak who loves reading books, playing cricket, table tennis & visiting places.
10.  What does this award mean to you?
It makes me realize that starting a blog was definitely one of the best decisions that I have made in my life so far.

P.S. – Bhavya , Divya & Parvathy . My apologies. I am extremely sorry for the delay caused. I know it’s almost a month since the nomination. But I do accept this award with great pleasure, honor & gratitude. Thanks for the support. J J

NOTE: I just got to know about a rule recently. It says,you can’t share your liebster more than once. So yeah..I won’t be nominating anyone but frankly speaking I wanted to. Anyways, will keep the names intact for the next big thing. J

Monday, December 9, 2013

You shouldn’t :# Shouldn’t fake laugh on jokes that you don’t get. :p

“Hey dude ,remember the time when you said that joke & it was real funny. (Damn it ,was it O_o ) Faking a “laugh” is the hardest. If you get the joke, it’s very good , if you don’t then don’t laugh for like 2minutes on a thing that you don’t have a clue about. Come on, have some empathy on yourself. You got’s good & real funny, if u didn’t then pass on a smile & wait for the topic to change or just get the hell out of there.
Maybe, the trouble for the fake laugh isn’t even worth the joke. What if the joke was a total crap anyways!
You are there for the joke , make sure you don’t turn out to be the joke. :p :D

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Sometimes a “NO” works just fine! -> Part-1

So I guess we have a hell lot of “Yes, Man” & “Yes, Woman” around us. Would add the “Yes, Boy” & Yes, Girl” as well just so that, they don’t feel left out. :p
In our heads, most of the times we are like: ’You seem to be talking to one of my other personalities …can’t hear you..nope ,still not a word…say what? :p
So , yeah …we all have this terrible terrible habit of saying “Yes” to everything even if in our mind we are like “It’s a Noooooooo…….go away for god’s sakes”. We can’t say “No”. Damn it , I am definitely one of those people too. It’s not like I want to say “no” to anything to everything . I am happy to be at your service whenever “possible”. Reason behind me writing “Possible” in quotes is that , we happen to say yes to things even if we know it’s gonna screw up our things  & will be coming right back at us a bad timing thing. So these are the things that we should say “No” to.
‘Dude, I know you are in the middle of a TV-Series , but can I have your laptop for my trip? I’d be really bored! can continue once I get back.’
What do you expect I do… Hmm..( Note: the one asking is not even a friend..some friends’ friend that I happen to bump into)..maybe a friend borrowing it when I was in the middle of it..won’t actually happen/bother ‘coz they actually are sensible enough to understand….most of ‘em are at least :p.  I say: “You can have it” . But trust me when I say this , I was miserable throughout the week guessing what happens next & when I got it back , I sure got over the point where I am even vaguely interested in watching what happens next.
Let say , your colleague asks for a favor knowing that you are already overloaded with work. One time thing..ok..Help the poor soul..Second time..Ok let’s do it for him/her for one last time..One more time….what the…?
 Say “No” not in a way that can get your ass fired right away but in a way that sounds polite, reasonable & convincing.
Never say “Yes” to others when you are actually saying “No” to yourself.
P.S. – In the next post will let you know about some ways(funny or’s how you take/give it) to actually say “No” to things that you would love to avoid.