Friday, May 23, 2014

You Shouldn’t : #3- Shouldn’t put a pen (ink/ball) in your trouser/jeans’ pocket!

“Shit ,Ink…. not again..this is one of my favorite Cargo pants! O_o Damn you! ..Stupid Pen”
I don’t know whether you have been there or not but trust me I ‘ve been there a plenty of times myself. Every single time I decide” won’t do it again ever and ever and ever” but sooner or later it happens. I just don’t know how it ends up in my pocket….maybe they are my arch enemies from other planet & they do it on purpose :p. Cut the crap , who am I kidding. It’s me who puts the pen accidently or casually every single time.

So make sure you never ever put a pen in your trousers pockets ‘coz it always leaks when it’s there. Every single time ….It’s like a pen has a thing for jeans / cargos /trousers….:p

P.S.- For the previous “You shouldn’t” post , please check out the link here ..the post entitled is: “Shouldn’t fake laugh on jokes that you don’t get. :p”

Friday, May 16, 2014


Sometimes ..I think what is the meaning of life or what is life for starters?..Sometimes when I look out the window , I see people doing the same thing…maybe they are doing it for hours or maybe days or they have following the same routine for years..may it be a corporate level employee or a labor , sometimes there is no difference as such. They all follow life in a way different to the naked eye but same at many levels. Sometimes I get up , plan my day ahead and sometimes I don’t.
At some level , even animals are no different from us. They don’t need money to spend the rest of their lives , so they do what they are supposed to do , just like us. They don’t have to tackle the daily chores like we do ‘coz they are supposedly doing what they are suppose to do , isn’t it?.  We all do what we are suppose to do ..right. Some do and some don’t.
Sometimes , we act like a misanthrope , then we are an altruist all of a sudden. Hence , the “suppose-to” factor acts all along I guess..
Sometimes the cacophonies around us seems so quiet and yet there are times when the cacophony in our heart is mind numbingly unpleasant.

Sometimes people fail to realize that, maybe rich or poor there is one thing that remains the same for all : Time. We all have Time as a common factor(same for all)which is never a constant. Irony!
And then again , I ask myself the same and the most common question being asked for centuries now : What is the meaning of life?... Sometimes I dig a lil. deep to this current thought of mine and sometimes I don’t. Sometimes I just let it go ‘coz I have heard “Letting it all go is good”. So I just “Let it go” and I conclude with no such proofs or justifications to my conclusion with : “Sometimes you feel all this(Life) is real but it is nothing more than just a dream. Similar to the one that I just had”
I lazily open my eyes and gaze around the room. And All I can recall is:“Sometimes….??”