Friday, June 13, 2014

Old is indeed gold: Rare Old newspaper articles.

“I wish I could turn back time”
That is a common thought which results out of our cogitation on certain events. If we take our thought literally then that would make us go on a never ending search for a time machine or would make us watch “Back to the future “ movie franchise over & over again to find the key essence to time travelling, so that we could be a part of history. Well that is a task that is well-nigh impossible. But practically it is only possible to know a part of historical events and not be a part of it.
I remember the time when my grandfather had a large conglomeration of old newspaper articles . I wondered why he keeps them but eventually I did get the answer to my curiosity when I saw people struggling to find old articles to prepare for some sorts of examinations or interviews. Some keep it for old memories sake & others to refer the great antiquity. In this world of digitalization we don’t have to make n - number of trips to the nearby library or a central library just to have a glance on history. Technologically everything is just a key stroke away.
Today we being in the 21st century , have a wide range of materials to refer to & the sources available are quite many as well.  Following are some of the available places available on the web where we can find old newspapers & articles related to past events :
Ø  Google : Solution to all problems affecting the mankind today: “Google”. Type an event(Google it as many may say) & you can have all the information. You will be directed to a link containing all the required data if you select one out of many.
 Google Archiving via Google News: Google news per say has old newspapers as a part of it’s   repository archived for easy & simple reading . You can have access to old newspaper articles in no time. Current or old , Google news is definitely one of the best sources available today.         

Ø  Time machine ( The New York Times) : Can  walk you through the time varying from 1850’s via 90’s to this very date. For some, it’s their favorite source and we can’t seem to agree more.
Ø  BBC(On this day) : This section on The BBC website helps you choose the dates starting from 1950 onwards. Very well archived , you can flip through the pages of history in no time.
Ø  HistoryBuff : This is a site archiving some specific important events that happened after 1750. This is a treasure repository for students or people who want to check out the way things were published in old days.
Ø  Trove : Though it is Australia centric but it doesn’t make it less global. The National Library of Australia has all lined up for you starting from 1803. You can choose the dates by year & a select state option is available as well.

Though there are quite many sources available for readers who want to sift the things from the past. The following: Wikipedia link comes up as the top result options when you try searching a source via Google. It has such important resources all summed up at one place.

P.S. - Who doesn't like the feeling of something Vintage , right? For me it's majorly BOOKS , Posters and long time back I used to collect vintage stamps.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Hey you! It's Time to Transform.

In this hustle bustle world , where people spend most of their time with technology rather than the people around them , we don’t have to compromise a bit. It’s like virtually you are everywhere. And by “compromise” I meant you no longer have to hold yourself back. The trending gadgets these days are definitely Laptops , mobile phones , tablets and the list goes what if you are getting 2 out of 3 from the above mentioned names at an affordable price which accounts for just 1. Am I kidding…duh..I am not.
We sleep , we eat , we walk , we talk , we travel- we live. And none of us can deny the fact that even when we are performing all these activities we are surrounded by technological stuffs. And that stuffs for sure make our lives a lot easier .  Let say we travel , per se I travel a lot , so if it were 50 years back then I may have to consider myself deprived of other things like staying in touch with my friends and family , not getting to know what’s going around and things like that. But since we are not currently in that 50 yrs back era we certainly can multi task.
So for an inveterate technology freak , when he sees a dear friend of his/hers holding a tablet first and in the next moment connecting a keyboard to it and converting or the right word “transforming” it to a laptop is a treat to watch. What he thinks is “What the hell just happened?”..Whatever happened , it was awesome.  :D

So this is where curiosity comes into play and he finds out it is the all new ASUS Transformer Book T100. And he says to himself “Name fits the description so damn well”. A 2-in-1 Ultraportable Laptop which is a 10 inch tab as well. Here is where I think about what Dr. Sheldon Cooper(Jim Parsons) from the hit TV Show says when he goes to buy a Suit for himself in one of the episodes ”It’s too much money for just one color “:p. As funnily as he says it , he does strike a point when thought deeply.

 A tab which transforms into a Laptop. No more confused , whether to go for a laptop or a tab. Go for both mate! An inevitable truth…now. It can’t get better than this . Wait , it does. The specs would certainly blow you away. Windows 8.1 as it’s Operating system. A new and improved 1.33GHz Intel Atom ‘Baytrail’ processor. Quad core 2048 MB RAM. With dual band 2.4GHz and 5GHz Wi-Fi, browsing and downloads are quite quick and nippy with an impressive SunSpider 1.0.2 benchmark score of 410.3ms to match. 1366 x 768 pixels (155 ppi) IPS LCD. And does come with a mega 1TB of free cloud storage for one year.

In short, as far as bulding the Ultimate Hybrids(Lappie-tab) goes , Asus sets a mark which is not just tough to beat but close to perfection. Excellence is never out of reach with the ASUS Transformer Book T100. Entertainment is never out of focus. The day is not far when “Just a Laptop” would be “An Anachronism!”

This post is an entry for the contest Time to Transform! conducted by Indiblogger .