Friday, February 20, 2015

American Sniper : Clint Eastwood without a doubt hits a bulls-eye with this!

I went in expecting a normal war movie or at most a biopic kind of a movie about a war movie. I couldn’t be any wrong . It wasn’t just a normal movie. Sir Clint Eastwood , your contribution to the cinema keeps amazing me as the days go by and I watch on. Direction was really good , felt real and raw to say the least. Clint Eastwood hits a bull’s-eye with American Sniper.

You actually feel , what it is like to come back from a war or a tour as they term it. It shatters some , kills many and hits everyone with a intensity that they feel to recover ever. This is a true story about a Navy SEAL Sniper who is a true patriot and the way he saves many lives in turn , makes him a Legend. Bradley Cooper , this guy just keeps on getting better , keeps on outdoing himself. An inspiring character played in a best possible way by a fantastic . Bradley Cooper was nothing short of Phenomenal. He made the character looks so real and since he is makes it more amazing. His portrayal of Chris Kyle etches him on the list of “Great actors”.

This movie , without a doubt rightly has the right to be in by best war movies ever list. The believable account is what keeps you engaged and at the edge of your seat throughout. Some scenes are so well done , that you want to get up from your seat and shout”Go…go…go!”This movie describes pride , honor and respect so well that you won’t be able to stop yourself from getting engaged to this realistic motion picture. 
American Sniper ,  is an engaging , brutally powerful movie which definitely deserves to be among the best movies of the year ’14 and rightly  highlights the contribution of one of the greatest soldier in American history.