Tuesday, April 29, 2014

True Detective

Season – 1 (No Spoilers for sure!)

Normally  , I don’t do reviews or recommendations until and unless the series has reached it’s Finale , but me doing this thing right now.. definitely has reasons attached to it and those reasons are…trust me..worthwhile. I couldn’t stop myself from sharing the awesomeness with you guys , frankly put.;)
I never thought I would watch a TV series as soon as a season is out , I usually wait for a couple of seasons at least , coz yeah , I have a tendency of “not-able-to -stop” myself from getting enough of the stuff I like. So , yeah I am definitely choosy when it comes to a TV-Series , not like movies. Everyone sometime in their lives has a head on collision with a crappy movie ….and God save those Poor souls, who undergo this collision quite frequently than the others. Seriously , God save ‘em!
So , yeah enough of the  this & that stuff , In straight simple words without much use of some real tough words selected pretty selectively from the “Damn-is –that –even –a-word” section from the English Dictionary, I would with no hesitation , simply like to state “ True detective is a purely class defining masterpiece , from HBO”.HBO does it yet again!.. ‘ coz I don’t know it’s just me or there are others who believe/think that most of the shows being aired on HBO are nothing less than pure Gold .

After the Oscar fame , Mathew McConaughey has just nailed it. His performance as Detective Rust Cohle, his lines , even the look or stare he has in eyes in various scenes are just Top-Notch and crafted to perfection. Man , he is a fantastic actor. He is definitely one of the best Fictional detective characters for sure. Then comes his partner Detective Marty Hart played by Woody Harrelson , and his acting skills are no news for us. As usual he makes us believe that there’s no one suited for this role than him.
And this show is about the lives of two Detectives who are in for a hunt for a Serial Killer for 17 years and their lives being affected by their duty. The creator Nic Pizzolato is just brilliant to come up with this masterpiece. The complete cast of this show are so well chosen and they stand up to the expectations as well.
Rusty(McConaughey’s character) is so believable and a complete detective material , he is miserable yet disciplined and determined to catch the Killer. Marty (Harrelson’s character) is not exactly opposite to him , but lacks a lil. control over his needs but then again he is a great detective and takes his job pretty seriously. And the way these two get along throughout is simply a treat to watch. Watch it to know and feel ,what I am talking about.
So to conclude , “True detective is sleek , hardcore ,engaging ,suspenseful,  dark , nasty and for most of the viewers it is gonna turn out to be a definite instant masterpiece/classic. And yeah it’s a murder mystery too..:p”
P.S. – Right from the opening titles you are hooked ‘coz the theme song has a thing that sets your mood right away. Dark and a deep kinda feel to it. And there’s the characters and the plot which is going to suck you right in. Looking forward to the next season with a never before felt anxiety and hope.

Season 1 – 8 episodes – Each episode with a run time of 60 minutes.


  1. I am watching very less TV these days :)
    I like HBO & hope to be able to spend more time TV-watching. Y
    You seem pretty excited about the series. Happy Watching :)

    1. You should definitely watch this , if you get a chance. It's a cult classic material , and that is definitely presented rare on Television. :)
      Thanks for dropping by Anita! :)

  2. Since suspense and murder mysteries are my favourite among all the genres, will surely try and catch up on this one.
    Thank you for the recommendation nikhil :D

    1. You sure should give this one a try! :)
      You will love it.:D

    2. So glad you could visit this blog space of mine Miss Anonymous :p
      Super glad and Very much honored ;) :)
      Thank you for dropping by!

    3. Your welcome Mr Nikhil ;) :P

  3. I am ALWAYS looking for new series to watch - especially in this sort of genre! I must must must check it out.

    Plus... I have the serious hots for Matthew McConaughey....

    Thank you for the recommendation!


    1. This one's gonna blow you away for sure Jade plus McConaughey has done an outstanding work.
      Thank you for dropping by! :)

  4. Now that Boston Legal is no longer on TV I guess I should try this!

  5. Great writing buddy..luved it.. u nailed it... <3
    N wt a series u chose..ttly mindblown..
    Matthew Ws smouldering hot..
    Dunno wt to speak abt d theme music...hauntingly satanic

    1. My first comment from a dear friend that I personally know , since my blog is yet to go public among my near and dear ones. :)
      And I am very glad you think that I nailed it.:D This was more like an impromptu post , as you can see I was too excited to share the info. on this show.
      Welcome to my blog space gal. :D
      Loved your wonderful feedback! ;) :D

  6. Thank you for such a lovely comment. Looking forward to your reviews on more such amazing shows. :D