Monday, August 26, 2013

Aficionado for life!

Hey guys ,

The best way to start my blog is probably this or let’s say most likely this.(I never could distinguish between the two usages, so thought of using both :p) . We all are aficionados in some way or the other . Most of us are Movie / Art/ Food/ Travel  aficionados , some are crazy about books  -  bibliophiles or readers or  the one’s who are both . I may be one of those who love books, movies & travel.That being said , coming back to the title. The above mentioned title may sound different to different people. It all depends on how you read it . English is a tricky language indeed. Perception can change everything.

Aficionado through out your life or a life aficionado . What are we ?… Maybe none , maybe one or maybe both. By the way that’s not the point behind me writing this , the whole point is either ways “Life is definitely worth living & that too.. to the fullest “. So why not let’s appreciate or be  enthusiastic  about life. After all it’s all that we are gonna have eventually "all to ourselves".

I never understood how when asked about their greatest fear people respond with answers like :facing a large crowd,  public speaking , rats , spiders or anything which acounts for minor terrors. How on this very earth living this very life could you fear anything more than death?? . A paralyzed man could still read Dickens  , a person in the grips of dementia could still remember or have flashes of some absurd beauty. We should have the very zest & excitement for each and every moment that we live & to each & every thing that we come across. I myself know  that saying it rather than doing it is an easy task . Who said i do it..i try.. :p :p . And again since childhood the one’s who guide us to our aim / career may or may not be pursuing the same . So i just like to share what i feel is worth sharing. I hope you find it  worth reading as well. :p

Life is freaking short, so if we do love life let’s not waste time  ‘coz time is what life is made of.
What i always felt is people tend to take life for granted . Let’s not do that. Apart from loving books , movies , travel , food , art ,antiques,languages etc etc .. let us be “Life aficionados”.
Let us all be aficionados for life!



  1. Looking forward to your insights into life and the slice of life as you relish it shared here.Good Luck Nikhil!

    1. Thanks Bushra for the interest shown :)
      Really appreciate it. Would try my level best to not dissapoint you guys. :)

  2. Nikhil, Even I believe in this!
    Being 'Aficionados for Life' will serve us good! We are here for a short while. Let's be happy & enjoy while Life's Party lasts!

    1. So happy to know that Anita.:D
      Nice choice of words "While Life's party lasts!" ;)