Friday, February 14, 2014

Sometime a “NO” works just fine! –> Part -2

Note: No connection with the first part as such , you can even go ahead and read the first part( if you haven’t already) after you read this , if you think it’d be worthwhile reading J :D

“Asking the same question over and over again , doesn’t change the answer , does it?”
People have a habit of testing other people’s patience by stating or interrogating the same things , again and again and again. I don’t know about you but that does bother me “at times”.
It’s like : “What is your name?”
“Ok , then , What is your name ?”
“Ahh , I get it..Cool , So what is your name?”
Not that the above conversation has ever happened ,it  kinda serves the purpose :p I used to go ahead with a “Yes” nod , all the time. I still do. But there are times when it is just not the right time. And you know what I mean by that. Being an extrovert has it’s advantages but more of disadvantages in this particular case. You , a people pleasing person can’t just say “No”. It’s like a Priest chanting Satanic prayers. You can use it to your advantage as well . If an extrovert  says “No” , they would feel a little taken aback , but they will just let it go because they know you are a type of person who can say anything to everything .So you refusing  is gonna fade away as a joke eventually and does serve your purpose too. :p
“You are a people pleasing person doesn’t mean you go ahead and do something that makes you unpleasant.”
So here are some funny , sarcastic ways or Voiceovers(the lines playing in your head) that I found from various places and some are added by me too ,so it goes like this :
Ø  I will take a pass. I have some personal work.
Ø  I hate seeing the outside world after freaks me out.
Ø  I have been very busy would rest for sometime maybe.
Ø  Can’t lend you that , might need it this weekend.
Ø  Have already promised somebody else.
Ø  It isn’t something I really dig.
Ø seems cool but done that already!
Ø  Feel like just doing some indoor stuffs today.
Ø  My “God” wouldn’t be cool with that
Ø  I’m shipping out of here on a cargo rig
Ø  I just got crop dusted and have to flee
Ø  I’m too high to even step out.
Ø  Ohh , can’t give it you , “xyz” has already asked for it.
Ø  Two words: licking batteries
Ø  Already crazy enough thanks
Ø  Lets table that for the time being
Ø  Lets circle back to that
Ø  Not a good time, maybe next time.
Ø  You must be talking to one of my other personalities
Ø  I don’t do anything that isn’t virtual
Ø  Will you wear this?
Ø  My fly eyes are indicating a “no”
Ø  I am actually inventing a new color at the moment
Ø  Probably not
Ø  I’m not really talkative
Ø  I actually don’t like other humans
Ø  Go die over there
Ø  Will get back to you on this later , but not today.
Ø  Not in a good mood. Later on this month for sure. :p
Ø  “No”
Saying a “No” doesn’t mean that you are an arrogant , rude person. It just makes you say “Yes” to yourself most of the time. But if you are in a position where an individual needs your genuine help , then don’t even take a second to say “Yes”. I guess we all would do that without even thinking about the consequence. And such consequences are worth it , I’d say. J
“Be helpful or useful , not used!”
 Peace out!
 P.S. – You can check out the first part here : Sometime a “NO” works just fine! –> Part -1


  1. I find it easy to say NO !!!!!!!!! :P

    1. Is it ???? :O O_o
      Now that'd be something that I would want you to teach me , teacher :p


      Hahahahhahh ....

    3. :D :D
      Thanks a ton Menachery! :D :)
      Now , that's something quite unique and one of it's kind.....So glad to have received this from you Meena !:) :) ;).....Truly honored!

  2. Saying NO eases life and to be able to say it politely is an art.

    1. So true , Mam.
      I wish most of us could master that art.:)

  3. well i too am not so gud with no's,but trying hard to.

    1. Try hard until you say No , once and for all. It's actually quite hard.

  4. The lines playing in the head are amusing, Nikhil! What would that say if they heard them!!! :)
    No is tough. But, needed for our mind's peace.
    Nicely expressed :)

    1. Haha ...indeed they are , Anita :D
      If they heard it , then I guess they would probably Ignore it or most likely wouldn't wanna hear from us anytime soon :p
      And true that , it is indeed needed for our mind's space. :)

  5. Indeed playing the NO card is tough!

    1. Very very tough , Parvathy.
      Long time , no see! Thank you for dropping by! :)

  6. At times you need to present your disapproval, saying it rude or amicably is your take

    1. At times....I'd say most of the times. I guess , we are left with no other option other than that.

  7. I like, "I actually don't like other humans," the best. That's actually true for me :P

    1. That's one of my favorites too. Don't think it applies to me , but ya , still one of my favorites. :) :p

  8. If only No came as easily as a regretful yes.
    'This was a very amusing and liberating post.
    Must say 'NO' more!

    1. True that! :)
      Definitely , we should at least try to.
      Thank you for dropping by! :) :)

  9. Very good article and we can learn a lot from this.