Sunday, February 28, 2016

A post for pre- Oscars 2016!

This year is not like any other year when it comes to Oscar predictions...this year, the awards like SAG, Globe and various others are going in a much varying way. It's not like a motion picture is winning it all and winning it everywhere like "Birdman" did last year.
I did give it a second thought that whether I should do it this year or not , since it's not so subtle as every year but then I though "C'mon, it's gonna be more fun this year, I get to use my gut feeling and all :p " So here you go guys, this is me trying to make oscar predictions like every year(though I had the draft ready for last year but failed to post it since I was travelling and all so )

Best Motion Picture:
This category had me quite irritated and excited at the same time. Spotlight which may win but won't coz you know, it's shot more like a documentary sort of a way and the voting might favor Spotlight and The Big Short but the real fight is indeed between " The Big Short " and "The Revenant" this year. Now you guys see the confusion that I was talking about previously. One subtle guess says "The Revenant" is the real deal this year but my gut feeling says "The Big Short" gets it this year.

Best Director:
This category's win will make Inarritu (Director of The Revenant) the first Director since 1950, to win 2 consecutive Academy in a row.

Best Actor:
Man, this guy has been the butt of all the social networking memes and jokes over the years, but make more jokes if you want right now 'coz after this time , you can't make 'em anymore because Leonardo DiCaprio will finally get an academy award this year. Yes, Finally! And that too for an oscar worthy performance not unlike other great actors who didn't get it when they really deserved it but eventually received  it for a performance less worthy when compared to their past roles. Fassbender may have been a strong contender but this time it's Caprio's year and Fassbender can wait.

Best Actress:
Brie Larson, for her absolutely brilliant performance in Room is hands down the most deserving contender in this category and she is going to get it this year.

Best Actor in a Supporting role:
Stallone after years when he returns in the Rocky franchise might actually really win this year with the only strong other contender  being Mark Rylance for his portrayal in Bridge of Spies. But frankly speaking I wanted either Ruffalo ( for Spotlight) or Hardy( for The Revenant) to win this year but you don't really always get what you want, do you?

Best Actress in a Supporting role:
Alicia Vikander for a terrific performance in The Danish girl should be winning it this year. Jury also might be quite impressed with her role in Ex-machine , so that's another plus point for her. And the only tough opponent being Kate Winslet for her fantastic role in Steve Jobs.

Best Cinematography:
With "The Revenant" again winning in this category too, Emmanuel Lubezki will be the first to win 3 in a row. His visuals are just too darn good to be ignored. Another chances here are "Carol" and maybe "Brooklyn" too.

Best Animated feature:
Inside out, will be winning it this year. Period. There's not much competition here in this category except "Anomalisa" being another great animated feature this year.

Best Sound Mixing/Editing :
These two has to go to Mad max for that epic background scores complementing the visual delight this movie had to offer. Also "The Revenant" is a great contender here too.

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